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Artisan Botanical Soap and Spa Products

Luxurious Shea and Mango Butter Soap

Different Scents

Defying Time Face Serum

Different Scents

About Us

Caldarium Apothecary Boutiques produces luxurious, soap and spa products.

We have created a soap and spa product line that benefits all skin types. We are passionate about what goes into our products and want our customers to care as much about what they put on their skin as the food they eat. We have designed our unique blends from the ground up with the highest quality products using, essential oils and fragrances, sustainable botanicals and other natural materials.

Lip Solace

Different Flavors

Moisturizing Sugar Lip Scrub

Different Flavors

Vision Statement

To develop and craft, luxurious, Artisan Botanical Soap and Spa Products.

Moisturizing Soaking Salts

Different Scents

Shower Gel

Different Scents


Different Scents

Shampoo and Conditioner

Mission Statement

Caldarium Apothecary Boutiques produces luxurious, botanical soap and spa products.

We provide customers an alternative to commercially available soap and spa products. Our customers want to purchase soap in its true form that gently cleanses away dirt, excess oils, and bacteria leaving your skin naturally clean and refreshed.

We use sustainable botanicals, essential oils and fragrances as well as natural materials in our soap and spa products. Our commitment and dedication is further demonstrated through truth in labeling; each product contains full transparency of all ingredients.

We will stay true to our core values and vision to develop and craft luxurious, Artisan Botanical Soap and Spa Products.

Shaving Soap for Men and Women

Different Scents

Beard Oil

Different Scents


Different Scents

Luxurious Body Mist

Different Scents

Botanical Oils

This is a comprehensive list of essential and base oils that are used in our products. We have also listed what benefits they are known to provide.

List of Oils

Environmental Sustainability

As a team we have decided to not use Palm Oil in our products, although other oils are more costly, we have chosen to use higher end natural oils in place of Palm Oil.

Palm Oil cultivation has drawn considerable controversy for its impact on deforestation and loss of habitats, which has threatened critically endangered species to the brink of extinction.

Parts of our proceeds go to World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to help these endangered species

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