Shaving Soap - Grapefruit Bellini

Shaving Soap - Grapefruit Bellini

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Our moisturizing shaving soaps are made with natural ingredients and use a cold pressed method to make. This is great news if you have sensitive skin.


This sparkling, fruity fragrance is a bright, happy scent. Top notes of Pineapple, Jasmine and Grapefruit are enlivened by Peach Nectar and Mango then finished off with Rhubarb and Sugared Musk.


First soak your shaving brush for a couple of minutes in hot water.

Once you let the brush soak, take it out. You will now need to get rid of the excess water on the brush. Shake it a couple of times until the brush stops dripping.

Now it’s time to do some preparation for the shaving soap. Add a little bit of hot water on top of the soap, a few drops or a teaspoon maybe. This will make the soap softer. Ideally, this step is completed at the same time that the brush is soaking in hot water.

This is the most important step if you want to make a great lather. This will take you approximately a minute or a bit less. When you swirl the brush on the soap in the bowl, you will see the lather starting to build up. In the beginning, it will be bubbly but as you swirl but it will soon become thicker. 

Now, there might be a chance that the lather is not exactly how you want it to be. There are 3 possible outcomes.

The first one is that the lather is perfect, and you can start applying it evenly across your face, that’s great.

Alternatively, it might be too bubbly and you will need to continue swirling until it gets the necessary thickness.

There is also the chance that the lather is too thick and in such case it’s a good idea to pour a few drops of water in the bowl and swirl once again. The key here is to add water little by little to avoid making the lather too watery.

Once you are confident that you have a good and thick lather, it’s time to splash some warm water on your face just before you begin applying the lather. start applying it with the brush on your face until it covers all the areas you wish to shave. Just brushing your face would be enough and no extra swirling required.


Eau, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Babassu Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Castor Oil, Bentonite Clay, Fragrance Oil, Simple Syurp and Mica.